TeleHealth Video Consults


TeleHealth Video Consultations (Information and FAQ)

Hand to Health has been making some changes recently to adapt to the current pandemic which is forcing change in all of our lives. We will continue to be able to help our patients regardless of restrictions which may be placed on our clinic or you.

TeleHealth is a means for US to continue to see YOU as a patient.

Through a video consult our practitioners can continue to provide a great deal of benefit and support to our patients including;

  • Verbal diagnostics
  • Physical diagnostics through patient directed physical assessment
  • Directed and observed self-care
  • Partner Directed Care
  • Tailored Exercise prescription and programs administered through our rehabilitation system
  • Counsel and advice

Current practices using Telehealth protocols report patients obtaining great outcomes and satisfaction with great benefit through patient empowerment through directed self-care.

During a video consult our practitioners can provide all care aside from hands on therapy.

Please book a Video appointment



How do I book a video appointment? Easy, you can follow the online booking button on our homepage and follow the prompts to book with us, just to help you out, here is the link

What does a Video Consult cost? Video appointment’s take far longer but even so, we are keeping our fee’s standard or lower than our in clinic fees. A Standard Consult will cost $55.00 and a New Patient Appointment will cost $80.00. We also offer exercise sessions at $15.00 and concession and financial hardship appointments will be charged at $45.00.

Will my health fund cover these appointments? The answer to this question varies, most funds will cover the video appointment just as they would if you were coming into the clinic to see us, this may also depend on your cover. Please contact your fund if you would like to claim these appointments to confirm they will provide you with a rebate on a video consult and we and you should put pressure on any fund if they report not covering video consults as these may become a crucial part of our health care over the coming months. You will need to use the invoice we provide you to claim manually as we will not have access to HICAPS when seeing you remotely.

Who will I see if I book a Video Appointment? To begin with you will be seeing Dr. Todd Crafter as we begin the journey with Video Consults, however if isolation and demand is increased then you will be able to book with Dr. Todd, Dr. Lisa Brown and Dr. Kylie Salter in the future.

How will you help me when you cant touch me? You would be surprised by how much we can achieve by directing you to assess and treat yourself under our guidance and through smart and specific advice and exercise prescription, this is a proven model of care and clinics engaging in Video Consults have shown fantastic results through patient empowerment, education and directed care.

Ok, I booked and appointment, what happens now? Glad you asked and thanks for booking! We will see you booked in our schedule and when the time you have booked your appointment arrives you will receive and email from us which invites you to our video appointment, just select the link in the email and you will be asked to take a snap of your face, add your name and then enter the video call with us. We will also call you before the appointment to let you know to expect our email link to the video call.

Do I need a fancy tech set up to do this? No, all you need is a device which has camera capabilities and internet access so this can be your smart phone, tablet or any computer with a webcam. You will need to allow your webcam on a computer/laptop to be accessed during the call but the device will prompt you to allow this as you enter the chat. If anything else goes wrong don’t worry we will fix it or find a way around it.

I prefer to have a consult over the phone is this possible? Sure, this is fine. Although we can achieve more with you via video call, if this is not possible or you just prefer the phone then book a Video Appointment and contact us to say you would like to use the phone rather than video and we will simply call you at the designated time.

What kind of problems can you help me with over a Video Consult? We can give you assistance with the vast majority of presentations you would usually come to the clinic with, in-fact you would be surprised how much of your visit with us is usually verbally diagnostic, education and advice. We can continue via video to help you with muscular aches and pains, headaches, back pain, injuries, stretching and strengthening and far more. You may just want to have a directed exercise session or an isolation exercise plan built for you to keep fit and strong during isolation and quarantine.